Shockwave Therapy 

Shockwave therapy is an effective treatment for Plantar Fasciitis and for Achilles Tendonitis delivered using a machine containing an air compressor, which is attached by a tube to a hand-piece shaped a bit like a gun.

Air pressure is pumped along the tube to fire a metal pellet in the gun which strikes a metal cap at the end of the barrel. 

This fires shockwaves at ten times a second, which travel through the patient’s skin to the damaged tendon with far more force than the impact of walking or running.

Although this treatment has been approved by the NHS, it is hard to come by and not currently available in Suffolk.

Here at Stowhealth the consultant-led team provides a private one-stop shop for all lower limb problems and has successfully helped 30 patients with plantar fasciitis in the last 6 months

Mr Woledge said: “If you have this crippling foot condition and have exhausted all other options, it is worth giving us a call.

“The treatment is very unique and has an extremely high success rate.”

To arrange a consultation with either Dale Halford (Podiatric Consultant) or James Woledge (Osteopath) please ring the building reception team on: 01449 776097