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Chinese Herbal Medicine

Chinese medicine is a main stream medicine in China. All Chinese medical doctors must be trained by both Chinese medicine and western medicine for 5 to 11 years full time in a medical university in China, register with the Chinese government and work as a Chinese medical doctor in a state hospital alongside western medicine. All Chinese herbs are licensed and regulated by the government.

Chinese medicine can help many kinds of diseases or problems. Acupuncture can help pain relief and some internal problems or other problems such as headache, sciatica, arthritis, MS, diarrhea, asthma, infertility, stroke and paralysis, obesity, menopausal syndromes and so on. Chinese herbs can also help to treat many chronic internal diseases such as women’s problems, children’s problems, skin diseases such as stomach ulcer, palpitation, hypertension, hay fever, ME, menstruation problems, eczema, hair loss and so on. It can also help cancer patients to strengthen their immune system to fight cancerous cells and reduce the side effects of radiotherapy or chemotherapy, relieving symptoms and prolonging life.

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