How to access services

You can contact therapist directly or alternatively ring the building receptionist team on 01449 776097 who will provide you contact details and availability for each service.


What is Kinesiology?

Kinesiology uses simple, safe and precise muscle testing procedures to find problem areas in the physical body. It incorporates traditional Chinese acupuncture points, gentle touch, massage, nutrition and energy reflexes (including lymphatic drainage). Balance is achieved by releasing tensions and enhancing the body's natural ability to heal.

Touch for Health (kinesiology)

Touch for Health uses muscle testing as a tool to assess energy imbalances. A variety of simple techniques are used to put matters right. It can help to balance a person structurally and to correct posture. By incorporating goals into the balance, emotional issues can be addressed. On the chemical level Touch for Health can be used to find which foods/bodycare products etc. are suitable for an individual. A Touch for Health Balance can help you to feel more alert and refreshed. It can also help with minor aches and pains.

Optimum Health Balance (kinesiology)

Optimum Health Balance creates a state of progressively positive health. It helps to balance issues on a physical, emotional, mental and spiritual level and to overcome the root cause of problems. The purpose is to raise the persons energy to the highest level possible at the time of the balance and to assist in creating what is needed in life. With each subsequent treatment the potential is further extended, bringing people to their Optimum Health. The treatment procedure is gentle, non invasive and carried out fully clothed and lying down. Optimum Health Balance is at the cutting edge of Kinesiology and can help with a vast range of health problems.

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