How to access services

You can contact therapist directly or alternatively ring the building receptionist team on 01449 776097 who will provide you contact details and availability for each service.


Reflexology is an ancient natural healing therapy which is rapidly gaining in popularity as people are taking more responsibility and interest in their own health and well being.
The aim of Reflexology is to restore the flow of vital energy by massaging and exerting powerful pressure on the reflex areas in the feet or hands which correspond to other parts of the body.

This simple but surprisingly powerful technique helps to establish balance in the body in a safe and relaxing way.

Most people can benefit from Reflexology from maternity right through to the elderly and infirm.
It helps to reduce stress and tension giving a feeling of well being and can also speed recovery from a wide range of acute and chronic conditions.

For further information or to book an appointment
Cheryl Mabbutt on 01359 259355 or Marion Gill on 01473 314008