Dr Baber Yusaf (Senior Partner)

London Hospital University
Responsible for the Practice Complaints Procedure, Critical Incidents and Significant Events.  He also has interests in Mental Health and family medicine.


Dr Lynn Dailey

Aberdeen University
UEA lecturer for medical students and trainer for Foundation year Doctors attached to the practice for 3 month training blocks. Lead Doctor on the Patient Reference Group.


Dr Neil Macey

Nottingham Medical School  
Lead GP on clinical aspects of the Quality & Outcomes Framework.  GP Clinical Assistant in the Cardiology Intermediate Community Clinic held at Stowhealth.


Dr Mark Shenton (currently on sabbatical for up to 12 months).  

University of Newcastle Upon Tyne
Chair of Ipswich and East Suffolk Clinical Commissioning Group


Dr Louise Skioldebrand

University College London
Special interests include Family Planning, Psychosexual Medicine, Dementia Lead, Trainer & Appraiser, and Art in Healthcare Setting.


Dr Tara Laidler

Leicester Medical School 
Undertook her General Practice training in Birmingham. During this time she was lucky enough to spend 6 months travelling around East Asia.


Dr Stephen Recaldin 

Royal London Hospital Medical College 
Experienced GP who undertook his training at the London Hospital Medical College


Dr Andrew Chandraraj  

University of Leicester

Graduated from University of Leicester in 2006 and qualified as a GP in 2012.  Joined Stowhealth as a partner in September 2014, having been a salaried GP in a practice in Bury St Edmunds.  


Dr Jeremy Halfhide

University of Dundee

After GP training Jeremy worked in the United States as a Family Practitioner for 2 years and has been a GP Partner is Essex, then Suffolk since 1998.  He enjoys wide interests in Family Medicine and specialises in dermatology as a GPSI at Ipswich Hospital.  


Dr Lauren Mercer

University of University of East Anglia

Joined the practice in August 2018


Dr Jo Raikes

University of Bristol

Joined the practice in August 2018, with a special interest in paediatrics


Dr Owen Chandler


Joined the practice in 2019


Dr Jennifer Newell


Joined the practice in 2019


Dr Lucy Street


Joined the practice in November 2019