New Exhibition!


StowHealth is hosting a new exhibition "BREXIT" from 24th March 2017, by Joy Pirkle.

Joy has exhibited with us many times before and has has produced some wonderful work.  So forget "Article 50" and come and see Joy's 50 articles of work!

The Exhibition  will be open from Friday 24th March 2017 at StowHealth, Violet Hill House, Violet Hill Road, Stowmarket, IP14 1NL. 

We find that professional art uplifts the whole atmosphere of the building and would love any visitors to view the art during weekday working hours.

Sample of the images in previous exhibitions
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Resident Artists

Stowhealth believes that art plays an important part in enhancing the environment and also for communicating important health messages amongst us.

Our long corridors and open spaces have been specially equipped with a hanging system to allow Violet Hill House to be used as an exhibition venue for contemporary art.

Stowhealth’s art projects are non-profit making and any commissions taken from sales of artwork goes directly towards our patient amenity fund, benefiting the health of the local community.

Previous exhibitions include our successful “Breastissues” exhibition, raising funds for Cancer Research, “The Art of a Healthy Heart” and our more recent “Flowers in Medicine” by Jane Crick

We are also very proud to display a Dale Devereux Barker Collection throughout the building. This collection of art has been donated in kind to Stowhealth as part of Dale’s ongoing commitment to making Art accessible and enjoyable to as wider audience as possible. Dale’s wish is to share his vision and quirky take on this beautiful and bizarre world in which we live in.

In addition Stowmarket Art Club provides an ever-changing collection of artwork along our nurse’s corridor, all by local amateur artists, which we have been very proud to display for many years.

Should you be interested in exhibiting your work either as a group or an individual please contact: Kathryn Parrish on 01449 776091 or via email at

Previous work

“The Art of a Health Heart”
By Joy Pirkle, who has exhibited many times at Stowhealth.

By Dale Devereux Barker