Out of hours

For medical advice and attention after 6.30pm, at weekends and on Bank Holidays call 111

If you need urgent treatment or advice a trained receptionist will answer the 111 number. They in turn will pass on all your details to the duty doctor.  The duty doctor will then telephone you as quickly as possible.

It may be that the doctor can answer your queries and help deal with your problems over the telephone. If you need to see the doctor, the doctor may ask you to visit the Out of Hours Centre. If you are bed bound by your illness, or housebound, the doctor will visit you at home.

Details of all consultations are passed to your own doctor by 10am the following working day

Do I need to call 999?

Please only dial 999 or go to your nearest Accident & Emergency if the illness or injury is life threatening or can't wait. You should dial 999 immediately if you or someone else is seriously ill. For example if someone

  • has had a major accident
  • has problems with breathing
  • has severe chest pains
  • is unconscious
  • has lost a lot of blood

At all other times, NHS Direct 0845 46 47 can tell you what to do if you or your family are feeling ill. Depending upon what is wrong with you, NHS Direct could advise you how to self-care, get in touch with the out of hours GP service, go to a walk-in centre or go to hospital. NHS Direct may need to call an ambulance for you if they think you need help quickly.