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Personal Training

Why use a Personal Trainer?

Train with a Personal trainer (PT) and you can be certain that we are 100% committed to you achieving your goals. We'll help you find the correct balance of functional resistance training, cardio and flexibility to get you in the best shape of your life and give you the body you have always dreamed of.

We get you to your goal. Whether you’re looking to improve fitness, lose weight, tone up or improve sports performance, we will get you there.

All our PTs use functional resistance training as it's designed specifically to target multiple muscle groups all at the same time, allowing more productive, effective and efficient work outs. This includes the all-important core muscles which provide us with the necessary spinal stability and prevent any injuries to the vertebral column.                                                                                   

When we move in everyday life, whether it's playing sports, picking something up from the floor and reaching to put it onto a high shelf, carrying heavy shopping bags, climbing the stairs with a small child or simply having to push or pull open a heavy door, we place demands on our body to carry out these actions.

Benefits of Personal Training

A PT functional resistance programme is designed to simulate everyday movement patterns, with emphasis on correct lifting technique, so strength in the upper and lower body, and the core muscles, can be achieved effectively and without injury. Complications, such as strains and other injuries, frequently occur through poor or incorrect lifting technique, poor posture and core strength or lack of muscle flexibility. Having a PT observe your technique will prevent such complications.

By training your body to perform functional, multi-joint movements correctly, your body will be able to work as a more powerful and functional unit. Also, by using functional exercises we can accomplish much more in a shorter time frame than using the dysfunctional, fixed path isolation machines as they do little to reproduce real life conditions or movements and only serve to create non functional strength.
Functional exercises will strengthen multiple areas in one exercise, burn more calories, vastly improve core strength, posture, muscle balance, co-ordination, stability, endurance and range of motion as well as improve your ability to go about everyday life.

Through exercise you can increase your energysculpt your bodyrefresh your mind, improve your confidence and move towards a much happier and healthier lifestyle. So don't delay, book in for a training session today.

Personal Training Costs available on request.