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You can contact therapist directly or alternatively ring the building receptionist team on 01449 776097 who will provide you contact details and availability for each service.


Shiatsu is a traditional Japanese healing art which is based on the same principals as Acupuncture.
By stimulating and balancing the body's vital energy flow using finger (Shi) pressure (atsu), palm pressure, gentle stretches and rotations Shiatsu promotes good health and a feeling of well-being.
Shiatsu is particularly effective for stress-related tension and illnesses, back pain, headaches/migraines, neck and shoulder stiffness, whiplash injuries, menstrual and digestive problems, joint pain and as a preventative health measure.

It is a deeply relaxing experience and works not just on the physical body but also on an emotional and mental level.

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Inka Hilgner on 01359 270671