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Reiki is a gentle, yet effective complementary therapy that promotes deep relaxation and natural healing.  It can help with a wide range of conditions as it uses energy to heal you on many levels - physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.  The energy is the same that is worked with in Acupuncture, Shiatsu, Tai Chi and Yoga.

.What changes can it produce?

  • Deep relaxation
  • Reduced stress and anxiety
  • Increased energy levels
  • A feeling of inner calm and contentment
  • Speeding up of the bodies own healing systems

A Reiki treatment is non invasive and uses no pressure or manipulation.  All that is needed is a gentle physical contact to allow the energy to flow into the recipient.   You remain fully clothed throughout the treatment which takes place on a couch or chair.

 It is not attached to any religion or belief system, Reiki will help you whether you believe in it or not!  It is safe for all and works alongside other complementary therapies and conventional medicine.

"A new lease of life awaits you!”

“It’s difficult to put into words how Reiki makes you feel, it is best to experience it for yourself”

“My hip is pain free”                 “Relaxation like I’ve never known before”  

 “Feel well and energized, sleep pattern restored and happy with oneself”

 “Great stress buster”                “Sleep like a baby”

*Quotes taken from testimonials provided by past/present clients.

For further information or to book an appointment please contact

Maxine Keeble

Suffolk Reiki Company - 01449 678747


* Please note that Reiki is not a substitute for medical treatment.


Maxine Keeble – Suffolk Reiki Company

Reiki Master

Member of The Reiki Association

01449 678747 - 07780 945317