How to access services

You can contact therapist directly or alternatively ring the building receptionist team on 01449 776097 who will provide you contact details and availability for each service.


Aromatherapy aims to treat the whole person by helping to restore the harmony of mind, body and spirit. It works with the pure properties of plants, using their essential oils in a natural, complementary therapy which can help improve both physical and emotional well being. Treatments are tailored to suit the individual and kinesiological methods can be used to determine the suitability of a particular oil. The potential health benefits of aromatherapy can include:

  • The relief of stress and tension
  • A feeling of deep relaxation
  • Stimulated immune system
  • A calm and soothed mind
  • Improve blood and lymph circulation
  • Increased energy levels
  • A general sense of wellbeing

For further information or to book an appointment
Contact Cheryl Mabbutt on 01359 259355