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Medicines are expensive for the NHS. If you are on repeat medication please ensure you attend the review with the Doctor annually or sooner as agreed under your treatment programme.

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Please give us a minimum of 48 hours (2 working days) to enable us to receive, process, review, sign and arrange for a pharmacy to collect your prescription.

Medication use in Care Settings Training: Distance Learning

Prescription Training are a specialist provider of accredited medication training to the social care, nursing sectors and schools.  They deliver blended programmes that teach both the theory and practical skills needed to administer and manager medication with a strong emphasis on assessment.

They believe theory is better taught this way as how much information can you really cover in a half or full day course? More importantly, how much get’s remembered? Can you recall what was on the 5th slide in, 2nd bullet point down?

The courses are made up of a course manual (below) plus either an online or paper assessment. Once successfully completed, you will receive a certificate accredited by the Royal Pharmaceutical Society.

This new revised Distance learning combines the previous Community and Residential versions of the distance learning courses together. It also included new NICE guidance on medicines management issued in March 2014. The new distance learning courses also covers standards in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland and Eire (the Republic of Ireland).

There are different online assessment questions depending on where you work.

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